The End.

Last night you told me that you hated me. You told me you never wanted to speak to me again. Usually when I’m hurt – I cry. What you said caused me more than hurt. I became numb. I couldn’t even speak – much less cry. My heart didn’t even hurt. I couldn’t tell what I felt. I didn’t even know whether I even heard you right. I dropped the phone. I just sat there and stared at the wall for what seemed like eternity. I eventually came to. I just laid down and closed my eyes. Still no pain – no tears.

Today – I started to feel. Still – mostly numb but I started to feel. I’m drowning and there is no one to save me.

Three years I have loved you – so emensely. I loved you with a deep respect. When I looked at you – I saw my heart right in front of me. You were my calm – my peace. You left an imprint on my heart.